Limanul Resort is situated in Chilia Veche, in the North side of the Danube Delta, in the middle of a superb scenery featuring a wide variety of unique species of trees, flowers, birds and fish.

Placed on the right shore of Chilia Distributary of Danube Delta – the best preserved Delta in Europe and a major UNESCO World Heritage Center – in immediate vicinity to the Nature Reservation Rosca Buhaiova, home for the most spectacular wild pelicans colony on the continent, Limanul Resort is reachable both by water and land.

About Chilia Veche

Chilia Veche is a picturesque village situated in the heart of Danube Delta, in the Northern area of Tulcea. It is the biggest and oldest human settlement in the Danube Delta, home of the famous Chilia Fortress (built in 1479) and of the second biggest church in Romania. Once a Greek settlement named Achillea, which made many people believe this is the place where the body of the famous Greek hero Achilles rests, the village gave its name to the Chilia branch of the Danube.


Getting there

By boat: take Channel 36 from Tulcea Port and continue for 60 km (aprox. 37miles) to Chilia Port

Check out the public transportation (boats and catamarans) program here

By car: take the Ferry transfer from Tulcea Port to Tudor Vladimirescu, then follow the DC1 road to Chilia Veche for 70 km (aprox. 43miles)

Closest International Airport:

Tulcea Airport (77km/ 48 miles to Chilia Veche) – website

Bucharest Airport (376 km/ 234 miles to Chilia Veche) - website